Bodyworkz Cash Management System

This is the system I highly recommend studio owners and gym owners use in their clubs. If you have trainers that work for you this is the best computer software and support you can find on the market today. My friend Mike Prosnick developed this software for trainers to schedule clients, set up auto-billing on a monthly electronic funds transfer E.F.T. Billing to credit card or checking account.

Not only does the software allow you to book your client sessions online it also lets you schedule fitness consultations for your other trainers and they get an email when a consultation is scheduled.

When you use the software you also get Mike’s staff support and he will schedule you for a webinar to teach you how to set it up and use the program. Mike’s staff will also teach your trainers how to properly do a fitness consultation (FC) and teach your staff a Ten Step FC – the process of the session your staff should use to close personal training sales.

Check out the site: and watch the podcast – this is the best thing you could do for your business. Think about it – if you don’t have clients on monthly billing you don’t really have a business all you have is a bunch of sold sessions and no future revenue. This is the business model you want to run in your personal training company.

Take a look:

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