Driving Health Club Prices Down

November 1, 2009 by  
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When this club opened in Fairfield to right next door to an established club that was known for being a huge success I didn’t know why they would even try to open so close to another. You can see one club from the other club’s parking lot.

The Fitness Edge was opened in 1992 as a Gold’s Gym and changed it’s name after opening a Norwalk gym location but could not get the name Gold’s Gym due to another franchise owner in Norwalk. The Fitness Edge name was a great move for the chain as they were not known as a hardcore client base anyway.

But soon after they now call their club just simply “The Edge” and converted the model from a nearly $70 a month high-end facility to a $20 a month club after competition moved in next door.

Both locations seem to have full parking lots and compete for the masses.


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